Van Diemen

21 July 2003- Van Diemen Sports 2000

Nik Johnson, the Van Diemen Sports 2000 driver and current British Sports 2000 champion opted to take on American sportscar racing in 2003.

Having taken delivery of a new Van Diemen RF03 Sports 2000 chassis, Nik has now won the first 5 races of his season in the highly competitive US West Coast series, most recently securing 2 poles, 2 race wins and a new lap record at the 2.52 miles Sears Point circuit in California.

Supported by Ancaster Leisure, the Van Diemen agents who also supplied the other front row car to David Ferguson, Nik's success has resulted in much interest in the Van Diemen chassis, 3 new cars having been supplied already, another currently in assembly and a further 3 of the new and updated cars due for delivery before the end of the year.  Nik's success has now qualified him for the end of season National Run-Offs to be held at Mid Ohio Raceway at the end of September. 

Van Diemen chassis have won the Formula Ford and Formula Continental Run-Offs on numerous occasions, but the Sports 2000 title has so far eluded them.