Van Diemen

16 August 2004- PRESS RELEASE 12 AUGUST 2004

In order to counter the various rumours currently in circulation, Van Diemen would like to clarify their position in respect of their involvement in race car manufacturing.

We are not "...scaling down production..." (Club Autosport, August 12th 2004) neither are we  " danger of disappearing..." (Autosport, Humble Pye, August 12th 2004), on the contrary the Company has produced 145 cars over the last 12 months - one of our best ever periods of production.  Whilst acknowledging the decline in the Formula Ford numbers, nevertheless there will, as usual be a new RF05 at the Brands Hatch Festival in October to satisfy the on-going global demand for FF1600 and FF1800 chassis, - spares business is as usual.

The new Formula Ford from Circuit Developments is a welcome addition and a brave venture from the management involved, and we look forward to competing against them and all other manufacturers, as has been the essence of Formula Ford racing for almost 4 decades.